Free Audio Books Online

Free Audio Books Online is a website dedicated to provide best audio books to listen in streaming mode online and downloadable in many formats such as MP3, M4B and Podcast which can be stored and played on many devices including computers, iPods and iPhone. All the audiobooks listed in our site are available in public domain and can be accessed free by anyone as no one holds copyrights of them now. However be informed that copyright rules and public domain status of books varies in many countries and readers must check them before accessing.

Transformation of audio books

Contrary to the popular belief, audio books had evolved much before than today’s popular formats of eBooks such as PDF, ePub and Kindle. However due to limitations in the physical size of analog storage mediums, they were not as popular as hardcover editions. Though originally audio books were meant for visually impaired persons, in the contemporary world it is no more used just by the blind persons alone. Now audio books have become a travel companion for many people who can listen to great novels even while they drive long hours.

Audio book formats

Audio books are available in many formats, however the most popular formats are Streaming audio, MP3, M4U and iTunes podcast.

Streaming Audio

Streaming audio format lets you listen to free audio books online through internet protocol. The advantage of streaming audio is you need not to download anything, however the problem is you have to connect to internet till the streaming is finished. There are options to select the chapters for listening.

MP3 Format

MP3 format is the generic format and can be played on any device which has basic music player softwares such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC, Winamp, Real Player, Zune Software installed. However MP3 format is not a native format for audio books, rather they had been invented to play music in compressed format.

M4B Format

M4B format is native format for audio books which has a great feature of bookmarking your listening. To put it simply you can close the device and resume any time exactly from where you left. However the file size are vary large and they can not be burnt on CDs and can not be played as audio CD players.

iTunes Podcast

Apple’s proprietary application lets you listen your audio books through pod-casting with many facilities such as bookmarking, long hours of listening and selecting chapters. You need to subscribe to iTunes and your device should have the app installed.